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Eagles trade five picks, move to No. 2

The Eagles traded five picks to get Cleveland’s No. 2 overall pick. Will they draft a quarterback or will they go a different direction?

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Rams made blockbuster trade to top of draft

With their move to Los Angeles, the Rams traded the house so they can make a splash, apparently so they can draft Carson Wentz as their franchise quarterback.

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Jets left tackle announces surprising retirement

D’Brickashaw Ferguson never appeared on an injury list in his entire career but announced his retirement earlier than anybody could have predicted.

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The Kaepernick saga continues…

Colin Kaepernick’s 2016 contract is now fully guaranteed, he still wants out and Chip Kelly still won’t say anything about him until April 4.

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Jets need to re-sign FitzMagic. What’s taking so long?

It’s so obvious the Jets needs to bring Ryan Fitzpatrick back, but they don’t seem that willing to pay him what they have to pay him so he sticks around as their quarterback.

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