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Quick Inside Slant: Week 1

Hopefully week 1 was just full of jitters for everybody, players, coaches, and referees included. But before we find that out in week 2 let’s make fun of week 1.

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Quick Inside Slant: The Preseason

Where are we looking for this season? Here are 10 things, like if Peyton Manning still has it or if anybody can have Geno Smith more than we already do.

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Quick Inside Slant: The Offseason

The non-story of Deflategate that was turned into a huge story just showed how horrible Roger Goodell actually is at a major part of his job.

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Quick Inside Slant: The Superbowl

Apparently some people believe firing Pete Carroll and trading Russell Wilson is the only reasonable reaction to Seattle’s last play, which is just stupid.

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Quick Inside Slant: Conference Championships

Deflategate isn’t becoming old news, so let’s bring it back up. But more than deflategate, let’s talk about the bigger controversy in all of this.

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