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Round 1 Western Conference Preview

John Galletley already gave his Eastern Conference playoff picks, now it’s time for his previews and predictions for the first round of the Western Conference.

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Round 1 Eastern Conference Preview

Resident hockey expert John Galletley breaks down four tight first round playoff matchups in the Eastern Conference and picks each series.

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Will the Kings get their chance or is it too late?

All the Kings have ever needed was a spot in the playoffs to make a run. This year, they are once again fighting for their layoff lives but is it too late?

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Rangers and Islanders battle for NY surpremacy

If you think about it, sports in New York is a mess right now but the Rangers and Islanders continue to battle earn time in the spotlight.

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Proposed expansion cities don’t make sense

NHL expansion isn’t necessarily a bad things but the cities being mentioned are bad options

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