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Terrible drafting reason for Sabres struggles

Since 2010 no player drafted after the first round as hit the ice for the Sabres and even first round draft picks haven’t made it yet.

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Where are the fights?

Obviously teams are focused on getting talented skaters more than goons but come on, who doesn’t love a nice hockey fight?

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Preseason conference final favorites

Are the defending Stanley Cup Champion LA Kings one of the four teams we picked to go make it to a conference final game at the end of the season?

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Five top free agents still available

While there isn’t any elite talent left on the free agent market there are still some viable options out there that teams could and expect good things from.

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NHL needs to use logic in expansion

Expansion might not be a bad thing for the NHL but they would have to do it logically. Las Vegas just isn’t a hockey town that would support a team for 41 home games.

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