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Top five story lines for the NHL season

Plenty of storylines will come out this year as they always do but heading into the season and through the first few games here are the top storylines to follow.

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Penny Wise and Dollar Foolish – NHL FA Edition

Not every contract given out in free agency is a good one. Check out our picks for the best and worst ones given out byt NHL teams this offseason.

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Winners and Losers of the first day of free agency

Phil Kessel was involved in a trade that made the day bitter for one team but sweet for the other. Check out the big winners and losers after a wild first day of free agency.

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Top 10 NHL Free Agents

Big trades at the draft took a lot of huge names off the market but there are still some very talented players available in free agency.

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Saad goes to Columbus in blockbuster deal

Brandon Saad was huge for the Chicago Blackhawks as they won the Stanley Cup, but just a few weeks later, he’s been send out of town through a trade.

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