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Stanley Cup Finals Preview

The exciting offense of the Tampa Bay Lightning will take on the powerhouse Chicago Blackhawks in this year’s Stanley Cup finals.

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Anaheim Ducks stepping it up

The Ducks took a big step by closing out Game 5 to take a lead in their series. Now all they have to do is close things out against the most resilient team in the NHL.

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Benching Lundqvist? That’s laughable

After his struggles the last two games it has been brought up that the Rangers should bench goalkeeper Henrik Lundquist, which is silly to say the least.

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NHL Conference Championship Previews

And we’re down to four; four top-notch teams all playing their best hockey right now and all four with legitimate reason to believe they can advance to the finals.

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Ovechkin fails to deliver on guarantee

Alex Ovechkin guaranteed a Game 7 victory against the Rangers, and failed to deliver. But that is not the most disappointing thing with him. He’s not actually the best.

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